The ENND is a brand new project put together by myself in December 2019 and officially launched in February 2020.

The band features some of Scotland's finest talents and will be writing and performing their own material.

The band was put together a few month's after the split of /sin'dogs/ in September 2019 and I felt it was time to put my own outfit together so I contact musician's who I both knew and could trust to come on board and so far with the rehearsals we've had, the band is gelling nicely.

The band are:

David Cowan - Keyboards

Nicola Taylor - Lead Vocals

Nelson McFarlane - Bass

Emanuele Pasquino - Lead Guitar

and Dimitris Skouras - Drums

The band have recently launched it's official Facebook and Instagram so please check it out, give it a like, share, and click the 'Follow' button to keep up to date with what we're doing :)


Nicola Taylor - Lead Vocals

Nicola has been performing and writing for many years, and is also an experienced vocal tutor.

Nicola is also currently working on an album of her own material which I'll be collaborating with her on.

Check out Nicola's work via Sound Cloud, and YouTube.


Emanuele Pasquino - Lead Guitar

Emanuele has been playing guitar from a very young age, studied music at Cesi Marciano Academy and played in the Academy Orchestra.

He has worked as a session playewr at Genera Records and toured with various artists and bands across Europe.

His influences include:

Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, and Joe Pass to name a few.

Nelson McFarlane - Bass

Nelson McFarlane is an experienced bass player who was involved in recordings released by metal outfits in's such as Holocaust/Hologram and many others in a variety of genres.

Nelson was also involved in Zal Cleminson's Sin Dogs and played on the studio album 'VOL.1' as well as the debut EP and toured the UK, and performed at festivals in Europe.

He is also currently involved with The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience, and Jazz-Fusion outfit The Oscar Cordoba Band.  

His influences include:

Cliff Williams

Stanley Clarke

Gary Thain

and Michael League

Dimitris SKOURAS - Drums

Dimitris Skouras began his music journey aged 6 when he studied percussion in a national conservatory.  By the age of 17 he was performing as a professional drummer.

He has since been involved in many projects in different genres from Pop, Rock, Prog-Rock, Neo-Soul, and Metal etc.

TYhese projects included Marianna Seas, No Brain Cell, M.A.N.T.I, and Jessica's Theme Band.

Dimitris influences include:

Herbie Hancock

Avashai Cohen


Porcupine Tree