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Latest News


Hi Folks!

I'm not long back from being on the road with Sin Dogs. We performed at 3 festivals down south...A New Day Festival, Kent, Cropredy Festival, Oxford, and Weyfest, Surrey.

I've now got just under 2 weeks off then I'm back on the road again playing Chesterfield, Blackpool, Grimsby, and Bury St Edmonds...all dates with Sin Dogs.

This week I plan to get into my solo album at home and get more tracks laid down before heading off again, and with my wife expecting our 2nd child in a few weeks, I'm trying to do as much as I can beforehand.

I'm also in the studio this week with Craig Casey recording more parts for his EP.  Craig is a singer/Songwriter from Glasgow who I do the occasional session work for.


Hi folks!

I've been working away on my album and I'm pleased to say I'm about half way through production with about 4 tracks almost complete and ready to put into final mixing.

I'm also delighted to announce that Mr Zal Cleminson will be performing on a few of the tracks and looking forward to hearing what he comes up with.

There are teaser clips of some of these tracks that I've almost complete over on my official YouTube channel so check them out and leave me some feedback :)

On Thursday I head off to Kent with sin dogs to perform at A New Day Festival on Friday.  August is filled with festival dates with sin dogs and I'm really looking forward to performing them and getting the band out there.


I've been working away on my solo album this week putting the final touches onto 'The Watcher' and I'm hoping to have it online available for download by the end of July, start of August.

The follow up track will be called 'REPLICATE' which will have a 'sci-fi' sound..preview of the cover is on the main page of the site.

Tonight I'm back out with The Jets for a corporate function, and then again on Saturday night.

Sin Dogs are back in the studio from the 25th working on our forthcoming EP.


It's been a busy few weeks as I've been on the road with Sin Dogs.  I was performing at Middlesbrough Town Hall a few weeks ago, and then last Friday I was at the 100 Club in London and the gig was absolutely fantastic.  It was our first headline gig in London and judging by reviews, we'll be back and possibly at a bigger venue which is always nice :)


I've been keeping myself busy working on my solo album 'Out Of The Dark' at home and I've now got 4 completed tracks ready to mixdown and get finalised.  

I was back out with The Jets last Saturday in Dundee for a corporate event which was a great night. I'll be back out with the guys again in July, more on these dates nearer the time.


Hi Folks! Loads has been happening over the past few weeks hense the radio silence on the website but I'll be updating this site more often moving forward..

Over the past few weeks I've been out on the road with Zal & Sin Dogs. We recently played four dates in Scotland...Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Inverness.  Shortly after that we took part at the Sweden Rock Festival which was an incredible experience.

Last Friday, I was down south in Middlesbrough Town Hall which was another great show.

The band are planning to release their forthcoming EP over the next few weeks, more on this via our band's official website


Absolutely fantastic show with Sin Dogs last Saturday in Bannerman' the band look forward to this coming Saturday at The Barrowlands, Glasgow.

In other news, I am planning to get back into my solo album 'PRESS PLAY' as soon as I can, at the moment, the first 3 track's sound brilliant, and I'm still planning to get it finished and released before the end of the year.

I've also began work on some intrumental music that I'm going to release as a separate project but more on this when it get's started.


Tonight I am in Edinburgh with Sin Dogs performing at Bannerman's.  This show is the first of our ''Mini Scottish Tour'' with The Barrowlands, Glasgow on the 20th April as special guests for Mott The Hoople, and then in May we play Dundee, Aberdeen, and Inverness on the 10th, 11th, & 12th respectively.


Hi Folks! Apologies for the delay on the news page, it's just been mentally busy recently with Sin Dogs, and with other commitments but I'm back now, and will be updating the page on a regular basis.

I would also like to announce that I am going to be a father again as my gorgeous wife Joanne is expecting our second child, and baby is due in September.


Hi folks! This week I’ve been in the studio with Zal Cleminson and Sin Dogs getting our set ready for our shows at the end of the month.

I’ll be playing at Warehouse 23, Wakefield on Saturday 30th March, and then Eleven in Stoke on the 31st March.

This Tuesday (5th) I will be attending former sin dogs drummer Scott Cowie’s book launch at The Blue Arrow Club, Glasgow, and then official band photographer Mike Drew‘s Birthday Bash at Bannermans, Edinburgh on Saturday night in which Sin Dogs will be performing a set for him, and as an added bonus, we will be joined on stage by SAHB/MSG bassist Chris Glen for a version of Midnight Moses with Mike on Lead Vocals.

17/02/19 - 

Today was a good day in the studio as we were recording drummer Gary Montgomery's parts for the first three tracks of the album.  Song's are sounding fantastic and can't wait to hear them mixed.

In other news, I attended the funeral of Ted McKenna.  The service was very fitting for a legend such as Ted.

I'm also back in the studio with Sin Dogs working on our set for our next two shows at the end of March in Wakefield, and Stoke.

08/02/19 - 

Nicola has been hard at work over the past few days on my solo album 'Press Play'.  Nicola recorded three vocal tracks and they sound amazing.  On Sunday 17th Feb, We will be heading over to Paisley to record Gary Montgomery's drum parts for the 3 tracks and I can't wait.  Coming together nicely.

In other news, Zal has been up for the past week as Sin Dogs have been auditioning new drummers and I'm delighted to say we've now chosen our replacement for Louie.  Mr Carlos Marin from Venezuela.  A phenomenal power house drummer and we're very excited to get started with him.


Tonight I'm heading over to Govan to do some session work with Glasgow Singer/Songwriter Craig Casey for his forthcoming EP.

Craig & I have worked together many years ago and I did some recording for him and he's kindly asked me to come back and do some more keys for him which is an absolute pleasure.


Hi Folks! Just heading back from Minehead with Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs where we performed at the Giants Of Rock Festival and I have to say it was an absolute cracker of a show.

Zal was on blistering form - had the crowd in the palm of his hand the whole set, and just mesmerised the 2,000 people standing there in awe of the bands energy, songs, and performance.

our next batch of shows are:

Warehouse 23, Wakefield - Saturday 30th March

Eleven, Stoke - Sunday 31st March.

In other news, this coming Thursday I’ll be in the studio with Glasgow singer/songwriter Craig Casey laying down some parts for his forthcoming album.

last but by no means least, Nicola will be heading into the recording studio to put down her vocal tracks for the first three tracks for my album ‘Press Play’.

These tracks are:


Married to the music

Playing with fire.

and in a few weeks time, we will be recording drummer Gary Montgomery’s parts for the above tracks. I’m exceptionally pleased with how it’s all sounding so far and really look forward to sharing it all with you.


It is with sadness that I announce the passing of not just one of my music heroes, but a good friend.

SAHB drummer Ted McKenna passed away in the early hours of last night during complications from a routine hernia operation.

Ted was an outstanding musician, and someone I admired very much and he will be missed by so many who knew and loved him. 

In a career spanning 40 years, Ted has worked with some of the biggest names in music...such as:

Tear Gas

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Rory Gallagher

Greg Lake & Gary Moore

Michael Schenker Group

Womack & Womack


Dan McCafferty (Nazareth Vocalist)

Paul Rose

and most recently Band Of Friends with Gerry McAvoy & Marcel Scherpenzeel, a well as the Michael Schenker Fest in which he was currently in the process of recording his drum parts for their second studio album following up from their debut album ‘Resurrection’ 

Ted taught me during my time at North Glasgow College from 2003-2006 and in that time, opened my ears to SAHB, and how to be a professional musician. Only last year, Ted came along to our Sin Dogs show in Edinburgh and was very complimentary about my playing and how well Zal and the band sounded.  I’ll always remember him and I’m sure he’ll be looking down on us with pride.

My my thoughts are with Ted‘s family and close friends at this time. Rest in peace ‘Teddy’ 🤘🏼

04/01/19 - 

Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a great festive holiday.

2019 looks to be another busy year with my music.  At the end of this month, I'm back on the road with Sin Dogs performing at the GIANTS OF ROCK Festival in Minehead.  Should be good fun.

I'll also be going into the studio with Nicola Taylor to record the first 3 vocal tracks for my upcoming solo album 'PRESS PLAY' which should be released in the summer..all going well.  So far it's sounding great and I have some amazing special guests lined up to play on it including Gary Montgomery (Drums), Louie Malvessi (Drums), WIllie McGonagle (Guitar), Zal Cleminson (Guitar on one track), and more to be announced shortly.

I'll also be out again with The SAHB Experience as well, gigs to be announced so keep up to date right here on my page and my official Facebook page.

 18/12/18 - 

A wee update on all things music..I've been working over the past few weeks on my debut solo album with Nicola Taylor and we're already halfway through the songwriting process.

The album title has now changed and will now be called 'PRESS PLAY'.

We also plan to release a single that's just about finished titled 'DOWN TO THE RIVER' in January / February 2019.

I'm also co-writing with Zal on material for the Sin Dogs second album 'THE LAST TESTAMENT' which is scheduled for release sometime in 2019.

This Friday (21st) I'll be performing in Glasgow with The SAHB Experience for our annual Christmas Show in Audio.

5/11/18 - 

I'm delighted to announce that I now have a brand new vocalist for my solo album.

Nicola Taylor is a sensational female vocalist from Clydebank and I'm so excited to be working with her.

Not only is Nicola working on my album, but I'll also be working with her on her own album so exciting times ahead for the project that I thought was dead in the water...has now been revamped and will be better than ever...

More on this project when it the moment we're assessing the material we have, and getting the tracks arranged...stay tuned for more updates here on my site, or via my official Facebook page.

01/11/18 - 

Hi Folk!  I'm not long back from being on the road once again with Zal Cleminson's Sin Dogs.  The band were playing Edinburgh, London, and Milton Keynes as special guests to SNAKECHARMER.  The band went down amazing and we're now getting our set prepared for our next venture which is WINTERSTORM Festival, Troon on the 23rd November.

I'm also still working away at my home on some of my solo projects..

I'm working on instrumental pieces of music as well as some tracks where I'm collaborating with vocalist Jimi Anderson.  More on this as it happens.

I'll be going back into rehearsals next week with The SAHB Experience as we get our set prepared for this year's SAHBROCK XI in Glasgow.

13/10/18 - 

Hi Folks, apologies for not being as active on here recently..I've been busy working on new material which I'm hoping to get finished before the end of the year.  I'm working on instrumental pieces of music which I'll be performing all parts myself.  The material is very ambient, and almost movie theme like music, more on this soon.

Next week I'm back in the rehearsal studio with Zal & Sin Dogs getting our set prepared for special guest slot with SNAKECHARMER.

I'll be at The Caves, Edinburgh - Thursday 18th October, followed by The ULU, London - Friday 26th October, and finally The Stables, Milton Keynes on Sunday 28th October.

On the 19th October, I'll be going to the Barrowlands, Glasgow with Zal to see one of my heroes perform live...John Carpenter...Film Composer/Director most recognised for films such as HALLOWEEN, THE FOG, and THE THING.  Really looking forward to it.

10/10/18 - Congratulations to SAHB Bassist Chris Glen on his marriage to Elaine.  I wish you both many happy years together.

I worked with Chris with his band 

THE OUTFIT from 2013-2016.

12/09/18 - 

After a much needed break, I'm back in the studio tonight with Sin Dogs getting our set ready for our next run of shows.

31/08/18 - 

Hi folks, currently on my family holiday enjoying some time away from my hectic world of Work & Music, spending quality time with my wife Joanne, and our son Mason. 

Back to reality next week but it’s been a fantastic holiday so far and much needed 😁

25/08/18 - 

Hi there and welcome to my official website. 

Here you’ll find all the latest news on what I’m doing all things music with Sin dogs, The SAHB Experience, solo work, and other projects.